Doctor of Physical Therapy

Board Certified in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

Other Certifications & Training:

IASTM Practitioner Certification

Dry Needling Lower Quarter & Upper Quarter Level I and II 

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My name is Lindsey Hughey, and I am the owner and operator of drivePT. I am a PT and a crossfit athlete, which gives me a first hand perspective in treating my clients.

drivePT was founded from a desire to help athletes in my local box, CrossFit Bear workout pain-free. While drivePT was formed with a special interest in CrossFit athletes, drivePT serves anyone at any fitness level who is in pain and not moving well. 

Professionally, I have been practicing physical therapy for 10+ years. I have a drive for excellence, which I believe is achieved through a dedication to life long learning and being committed to staying current with the latest physical therapy research. Five years ago, I pursued fellowship training in orthopaedic manual therapy. This changed my decision making and physical therapy practice dramatically. Through my training, I learned to evaluate the whole person (their interests, their nutrition, their sleep hygiene their social support, etc...) and how to find the underlying cause(s) of their primary complaint. I take the time to evaluate areas above and below the area of your primary symptoms in order to help you return to pain-free living and back to working out faster. I believe that individualized and holistic care is the key to wellness, injury prevention, and faster goal achievement.


I also have a passion for teaching; this passion is lived out through teaching part-time as core faculty for South College DPT and teaching weekend post-professional extremity management courses for ICE.

Personally, I am a wife to an amazing husband with 3 beautiful kids! I am grateful to have a space at Crossfit Bear, which allows me the opportunity to maintain a healthy balance of family time, CrossFit, teaching, and being a physical therapist.