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Doctor of Physical Therapy

Board Certified in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

Other Certifications & Training:


IASTM Practitioner Certification

Dry Needling Lower Quarter & Upper Quarter Level I and II 

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My name is Lindsey Hughey, and I am the owner and operator of drivePT. I am a PT and a crossfit athlete, which gives me a first hand perspective of the needs of the fitness forward human.

drivePT was founded from a desire to help athletes in my local box, CrossFit Bear workout pain-free. While drivePT was formed with a special interest in CrossFit athletes, drivePT serves anyone at any fitness level who is in pain and not moving well. 

I have a drive for excellence, which I believe is achieved through a dedication to life long learning and being committed to staying current with the latest physical therapy research. Pursuing board certification in orthopedics and then fellowship training in orthopaedic manual therapy were learning pursuits that helped me learn an evidenced based way to  treating humans holistically. I believe evaluating and treating the WHOLE person-their interests, their nutrition, their sleep hygiene, their stress, and their social support is the key to wellness and fitness. At drivePT you will receive individualized and holistic care to promote faster goal achievement and to prevent future re-injury


I also have a passion for teaching; this passion is lived out through teaching best practice physical therapy at ICE 

as division leader of their Extremity Management team.

Personally, I am a wife to an amazing husband with 3 beautiful kids! I am grateful to have a space at Crossfit Bear, which allows me the opportunity to maintain a healthy balance of family time, CrossFit, teaching, and being a physical therapist.


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